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My name is Bryan. I’m a happy guy. I am a coach, speaker, ideator, entrepreneur, work-from-home dad, engineer, law student and friend.

Lean Startup

You can be happy
as a Startup
Let me reduce your risks and costs


 A successful startup is a happy startup. But how do you get to success faster? The best way now is to use the Lean Startup Methodology and I’ll show you how to do it in just two days!

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Individual Persons

You can be happy
as a Person
Let me help you be your best


I’m a certified master coach specialising in behavioural coaching for young people. I’ve worked with youths and young adults for close to 20 years.



Get the motivation you need. Acquire the skills and habits of a high achieving student. Attain great results in a happy way. Let me show you how. Don’t worry – I’ve got close to 20 years of experience working with youths. My coaching will be a blast!

Young Adults

You’re trying to understand your life purpose. You’re looking for the work that best fits you. You’re in a job now and you want to be at your peak performance. Let me help you uncover your life purpose and build up your strengths. Why? So you can become exceptional.

Young Couples

Congratulations! You are both going to get married soon. I know that giddy headed feeling of being in love. I experienced it more than 12 years ago….and I’m still experiencing it every day with my wife. Want to know our secret? Let me share it with you both so your marriage gets built on a foundation that’ll stay strong  for your lifetime.


You can be happy
as a Group
Let me inspire you to think different


Looking for a speaker? I’m available to share with your group about happiness, big thinking, lean startup and finding purpose in life.

Make an Impact

We can be happy
as a Community
Join me to make an impact

Not happy to be happy alone? Then join me to form a community that makes happiness and success our passion. Let me know your interest to be part of this community here


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